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Geese from Heidelberg

From 11 November, we will be preparing classical and creative dishes from fresh geese from Heidelberg. Home delivery also possible.


Organic free-range breeding, plenty of field lairage and movement for the geese as well as feeding only with fresh grass, corn and grain ensure their slow growth with little fat deposits. We clearly prefer this keeping and quality of the meat over deep frozen products from factory farming.

Only limited amounts available, guaranteeing utmost freshness.

Breast and joint of the free range goose, cranberry stuffed apple, red cabbage with figs and homemade potato dumplings.

Geese from Heidelberg

Booking conditions


One entire goose crispy baked and prepared for take away, including our homemade side dishes and one bottle of red wine.

– serves 4 people – must be ordered the day before, 129.00 Euro